Scotsman DXN 207 AS

Self Service Cubelet Ice Maker & Water Dispenser
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The Scotsman Cubelet Ice Series offers efficient, high-quality ice & water production, offering efficient ice production, advanced hygiene features, and easy maintenance within a robust stainless steel exterior.


  • Programable dosage, ice or water dispensing or both

  • Agion Technology resists microbe's growth and odours development to produce pure, clear and transparent ice cubes

  • Compact countertop Ice and water dispenser

  • Ice evaporator with stainless steel auger

  • Soft touch button dispensing system for Ice and water

  • Electronically controlled system

  • High grade stainless steel panels

  • External indicator lights

  • Fast friendly cleaning mode

  • Removable air filter

  • Includes water & drain hose