Hoshizaki HNC-120BE-R

Glass Sushi Cabinet Display
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  • Plate space on top of unit, 5.6 inches.

  • Stable humidity and temperature levels are maintained instead of forced air circulation methods that dry out and ruin displayed sushi.

  • Large diameter 1 inch drains at front.

  • Larger front to back interior – 11 inches.

  • Interior floor has a radius at all four sides.

  • Self-contained refrigeration unit – easy to install.

  • Compressor is located on the right-hand side (when facing the front of the sushi cabinet).

  • Condenser airflow is in the back and out the side.

  • Large diameter upper evaporator with tin plating.

  • Larger condenser face area improves cooling performance.

  • Solid base food plates with radius groove to fit sushi foods.

  • Base food plates can be turned upside down and used to improve cooling performance.

The Hoshizaki top-tier, professional sushi cases, ensures sushi remains fresh for extended periods. It will taste as delightful as it appears, earning commendations from your customers.