Hoshizaki KM-470AJ-S

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Hoshizaki ice machines produce high-quality crescent edge cubes that adhere to the most stringent hygiene standards, making it suitable for all operational needs. With innovative harvest acceleration cycles, this instantly boosts serving capacity, delivering more ice in less time.


  • Individual premium crescent cube with no ice bridging.

  • Exceptionally hard crystal clear cubes that melt slowly.

  • Durable stainless steel exterior.

  • Slide in air filter at front for easy cleaning -maintaining performance efficiency.

  • Double-sided stainless steel evaporator for all water conditions -produces more ice in less cycles.

  • Flush mount to rear wall.

  • Good in hard water areas.

  • Snap in water tank design – easy to remove for sanitization.

  • Low electrical consumption.

  • Low water consumption.

  • LED lights and audible alarms.

  • 3 year parts and labour warranty on entire unit.

Crescent Ice Machine Head + Optional Storage Bin